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Pass the Interview

Firstly, Congratulation on completing the clinical exam!

Having finished the clinical exam, an achievement well-deserved, and with hopes that you won't have to face it again, it's time to shift focus.


While interviews may seem distant, they are just around the corner, and meticulous preparation is essential for performing well.


Whether you're awaiting your results or have already successfully passed, ensuring you’re equipped with the skills to smash the AT interviews is vital.

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Do You Need Interview Preparation?

The competition for AT positions is enormous, with exceptional candidates competing for very limited spots.


Your clinical expertise is the foundation, but the interview is the stage where you showcase your personality, communication skills, and ability to navigate complex scenarios.


The interview panel is seeking more than just clinical knowledge; they want to identify future leaders and collaborators in their subspecialty medical field.


That said, many candidates mistakenly believe they have ample time to relax before their interviews. However, the reality is that the window between exam results and interviews is minimal. Some candidates start practicing immediately after their clinical exams to capitalise on this brief timeframe.

Leaving your preparation to the last minute can be a costly mistake.


Underperforming in the interview not only leads to missing out on advanced training but may potentially force you into accepting a position that doesn't align with your career goals or timeline.

Our interview prep is tailored to elevate your performance, ensuring you stand out as the ideal candidate.

  • PTC's Comprehensive Long Case Guide
    Packed with game-changer insider tips and strategies to elevate your long case performance. Derived from 50+ diverse long cases and tested against various examiners, the PTC Long Case Guide provides a structured, methodical, and consistently applicable approach to all your long cases. Why aim for a 4 when you can get a 5/6?
  • Pass the Interview (PTI)
    PTC is thrilled to unveil our latest endeavor designed to support BPTs in securing advanced trainee positions through standout performances in their specialty interviews. While passing the clinical is significant, clinching an AT position is contingent on excelling in the specialty interview. Elevate your preparation with tailored 1-on-1 interview guidance from seasoned consultants and accomplished advanced trainees who have a proven track record of excellence in interviews.
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Meet The Team

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Whats involved?

We provide 60-90 min sessions with one of our interview coaches.

During this time we will provide a tailored approach to ensure you benefit maximally from the session.

You can elect to do individual or group sessions (max 3)

All sessions are done via Zoom/Teams, allowing you to get the preparation you need even if you’re interstate.

Upon completion of you first session, you can elect to do more sessions if required (provided availability).

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