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For those who want to pass, by those who have passed

Preparing for the FRACP clinical exam is not easy. It’s stressful and takes up a lot time that you don’t have.

The very nature of this exam also causes patients with high yield clinical signs to develop exam fatigue, meaning you might not get the chance to see them. Equally, exam candidates in smaller hospitals have limited access to different patient pathologies, many of which are crucial to exam preparation.

Pass the Clinical is QLD’s first purely short case based day, where you’ll see consecutive quality short cases in front of a range of expert examiners.


This will provide you with a wide array of different short cases which you otherwise you may not have seen and will possibly come up on the exam day.

Our One Goal

To provide BPTs the skills and knowledge needed pass the FRACP clinical exam confidently. The first time.


Dr John Girgis


Meet the organiser 

John is a Neurology Advanced Trainee, having passed both the FRACP written and clinical exams first attempt in Oct 2021 and Aug 2022. For the clinical exam, his cohort had a 4 out 5 pass rate and his study group had a pass rate of 100%.

Having gone through the exam process recently, John knows how stressful the expected breadth of knowledge and the performance requirements are on exam candidates. Having dedicated > 6 months to preparation, John has seen hundreds of short cases and has completed many long cases to a high standard. During this journey he has learnt what key clinical exam knowledge to focus his attention on and identify what is high yield. He aims to help streamline your journey and bring to you only what is absolutely necessary through this course.

John has undergone most of his training within the Gold Coast Health Service. During his training he has acquired accolades such as Medical Registrar of the Term, participates in bedside and didactic teaching, while also holding a Lecturer title at the Griffith University School of Medicine. He aims to complete his Neurology training in the next few years.

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