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Become an Advanced Trainee with Pass the Clinical (PTC)

Helping you conquer the FRACP Clinical Exam with our high yield, exam-quality short case examination course & interview prep.

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PTC was created to help BPTs who answer ‘yes’ to the following question(s):

Do you feel underprepared & are finding it challenging to allocate time to examine short cases with high yield clinical signs?

Do you feel that there is room for more substantial progress in your examination performance?

Do you feel that the feedback on your performance tends to be more generic, and are you seeking more personalised insights?

Is your goal to pass your exam on the first attempt and seamlessly transition to advanced training?

Have you faced challenges in the past and are currently looking for the optimal opportunity to pass this year?

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Ultimately, PTC’s goal is to provide you with this key, the tools & knowledge, so you can receive this email

Congratulations! You have passed the RACP Divisional Clinical Examination!

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What PTC Offers

Queensland’s first, professionally run, pure short case examination course

Exam quality patients and examiners

Exposure to patients with great clinical signs

Small examination groups, providing optimal opportunities for examination.

Run by clinicians who have passed & know what it takes to pass

Providing you the clinical skills & specific knowledge needed to succeed

State-of-the-art facilities at Bond University for a professional and conducive learning environment.


Spots and course days are very limited

Each course day offers candidates a full day of multiple FRACP exam-quality short cases, meticulously organised to mirror the formality of the exam day.


To ensure maximal examination time and individualised feedback, groups are intentionally kept very small.


Expect examination sessions conducted by experienced examiners, providing valuable feedback essential for optimising and excelling in your performance.


Course details

Location: Bond University, Gold Coast, QLD


- Saturday 4th May 2024

- Saturday 18th May 2024

Time: 8am – 5pm

See what PTC attendees from 2023 had to say

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The PTC Promise

Are you’re worried that the course may not be for you?

We offer a 7 day money-back guarantee after the course day.


Are you wanting to wait till after you pass the written exam to enrol? No need to wait...

- We offer a no obligation refund up to 2 weeks prior to the course date. This means that even if you don't pass, you can get your money back.

We want to reduce the stress in helping you decide if you want to participate.

Because for us, it is truly our one goal to help you pass the FRACP clinical exam.

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New to 2024

  • PTC's Comprehensive Long Case Guide
    Packed with game-changer insider tips and strategies to elevate your long case performance. Derived from 50+ diverse long cases and tested against various examiners, the PTC Long Case Guide provides a structured, methodical, and consistently applicable approach to all your long cases. Why aim for a 4 when you can get a 5/6?
  • Pass the Interview (PTI)
    PTC is thrilled to unveil our latest endeavor designed to support BPTs in securing advanced trainee positions through standout performances in their specialty interviews. While passing the clinical is significant, clinching an AT position is contingent on excelling in the specialty interview. Elevate your preparation with tailored 1-on-1 interview guidance from seasoned consultants and accomplished advanced trainees who have a proven track record of excellence in interviews.
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